Strategic Plan 2016--2020

Background and Context
Early in 2015, CAST created a Strategic Planning Committee chaired by the president-elect with two representatives from each CAST work group. The process began with a thorough analysis of significant industry, global, and agriculture changes, as well as analysis of key assumptions that should drive CAST’s strategy. Input from CAST members and stakeholders was included using information gathered through surveys. The committee defined three major initiatives as core areas of focus for strategic planning. This was presented to and further developed by the CAST Board of Representatives during a special session of the 2015 annual meeting held in October. Strategies to achieve these goals, plus work assignments, timelines, and measurement methods were further defined and refined through the CAST work groups in early 2016. The final draft of the 2016-2020 CAST Strategic Plan was presented and approved by the Board of Directors during their spring meeting in April 2016.

CAST’s organizational competencies are:

  • Independent, balanced, and credible science-based source of agricultural information
  • Membership in CAST represents multiple disciplines within the food and agriculture sector
  • Members and contributing authors who are passionate about the importance of communicating science-based information
  • CAST is still solidly rooted in the same founding principles envisioned by its founders over 40 years ago
  • The mission and vision of CAST are closely connected with the legacy of Dr. Norman Borlaug

Goal and Strategies