Why Should You Become a Member of CAST?


Benefits of CAST Membership

To learn more about the excellent tangible benefits available through membership to individuals, nonprofits, societies, corporations, universities, and libraries, please click on any of the tabs on the left.


But in addition to those rewards, such as receiving CAST’s signature e-newsletter Friday Notes, covering all things agriculture, there is also an outstanding intangible benefit. You are supporting an organization whose respected publications are:


Endorsed by the scientific community;

Referred to by government officials and legislators; and

Depended on by individuals and families.

Quick CAST Facts

Then here are more good reasons for joining the growing CAST community:  

  • CAST is funded through membership dues, unrestricted financial gifts, and grants, with its membership composed of scientific and professional societies, companies, nonprofits and individuals.
  • To date, CAST has published more than 400 documents, ranging from comprehensive task force reports, to brief commentaries, and including the newest series, Ag quickCASTs, a one-page, bulleted summary of the full publications.
  • CAST publications are not only useful and timely, but balanced, objectively written and reviewed by reputable volunteer scientific experts. CAST does not lobby or advocate.
  • CAST publishes translations of selected publications and professionally produced videos that are available through the CAST website, YouTube and SchoolTube.
  • CAST is viewed by federal and state regulators and policymakers as a highly respected source of science-based information, effectively countering misleading communication based on poor science. (Take a look at some of the impacts of CAST publications on U.S. legislative and federal agency actions and what others have to say about CAST.)
  • CAST’s publications have been accessed by interested individuals in all 50 states and 200 countries.
  • CAST also connects with its supporters through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

More Great Ways to Help

In addition to your membership, here are a few other valuable ways to support CAST. 


  • Give a year’s Individual Membership as a gift.
  • Share CAST press releases, news announcements and resources with your friends and family.
  • Let CAST know how you’ve benefitted from its publications through a written endorsement. For example, how has your organization or students used CAST reports in their work or studies? 
  • Talk to your employer about matching your annual CAST contribution or even joining as a corporate, nonprofit or society member.
  • Follow CAST on Twitter, “like” it on Facebook; and share the CAST blog and videos.
  • Make an additional donation and include CAST in your estate plan.

For more information on any of these options or membership in general, please contact our membership department or call 515.292.2125.