CAST's Member-Plus-One Campaign is designed to encourage our current loyal members to recruit others to join CAST, with both current and new members receiving a wonderful educational gift as a thanks for their support!  

Talk Us Up! 
There are so many opportunities during the day to share information about CAST. Visit with colleagues at the water cooler or during a conference or seminar. Refer a friend or family member to one of our Issue Papers as an agricultural resource, and let them know your membership supported its publication. Then encourage that individual to join CAST because—bottom line—each new member will make CAST stronger so that it can continue to be a reliable, consistent voice for all things agriculture.  

The Hook
Once your friend or colleague has signed up, you will receive a free three-volume set of books by Noel Vietmeyer on Dr. Norman Borlaug, including: “Borlaug: Right off the Farm 1914-1944” (Volume 1); “Borlaug: Wheat Whisperer 1944-1959” (Volume 2); and “Borlaug: Bread Winner 1960-1969” (Volume 3).

Then the new CAST member will enjoy a copy of The Man Who Fed the World: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Norman Borlaug and His Battle to End World Hunger,” by Leon Hesser.

Here’s What You Need
Simply download or print off this CAST Individual Membership form or refer them to our website. Make sure they know to identify you on the form for the question, “Were you referred by a CAST member?” so that you both receive your free gift.

Other Ways to Help
Here are a few other helpful suggestions on how to help advance CAST!  

  • Give someone a year’s membership as a gift!
  • Share CAST press releases and news announcements with your friends and family.
  • Communicate the availability of CAST resources.
    • Free Issue Papers, Commentaries, and Ag quickCAST
    • Special Publications and Task Force Reports for a reasonable fee
  • Let CAST know how you’ve benefitted from CAST’s publications. These endorsements help us apply for additional good support. For example…
    • How have you and / or your organization used CAST reports?
    • How are your students utilizing our publications? 
  • If your employer donates matching funds to charitable organizations, consider submitting your annual CAST contribution to make it go even further.
  • Talk to your employer about joining CAST as a corporate, organization or society member.
  • Keep CAST social media alive and well—follow us on Twitter (and Retweet us often!); “like” us on Facebook; and share the CAST blog and CAST videos.
  • Make an additional annual donation to CAST, and consider including CAST in your estate plan.

If you would like any more information on any of these options, contact Alyssa Yanni at 515.292.2125 or Thank you for partnering with CAST for the advancement of good agricultural information!