Society Memberships

Society Membership Information

CAST welcomes new society members. Society membership includes nonprofit scientific societies (generally U.S. national societies that may include some members in other countries) whose principal purposes are advancing science, education, and the scientific and professional interests of their members.

Each member society designates one representative to serve a three-year term on the CAST Board of Representatives. The representative is expected to attend one meeting of the board each year, participate throughout the year as a member of one Work Group, and serve as a liaison between CAST and the society. Click here to see a list of current society members.

Society Benefits

  • Representation of member society to the CAST Board of Representatives
  • Direct impact on the communication of agricultural science and how it is relayed to legislators, regulators, policymakers, the media, the private sector, and the public
  • Direct input about topics chosen for CAST publications and activities
  • Presence in public policy decision making through publications, briefings, roundtables, and other events, CAST represents the science perspective
  • Free access to all CAST publications and informative communications by mail and e-mail, as well as through the CAST website
  • Scientific representation in the public policy arena on food, agricultural, and environmental issues
  • Opportunities to participate in or partner with CAST in events such as roundtables, workshops, or conferences
  • Networking and awareness of all sectors of science
  • Association with preeminent science source for food, agricultural, and environmental issues
  • Support the future of agriculture and its best interests

Society Contribution Requirements

  • Societies with fewer than 1,000 members       $1,500
  • Societies with 1,000 and more members        $3,000

Organizational membership is granted on application, which must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, and payment of dues.

Society Membership Information Form

For more information regarding membership, please contact our membership department at 515-292-2125.