CAST Universities and Agriculture

January 19, 2018

CAST offers students resources and free membership

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology has had a long relationship with university staff members, students, and researchers. CAST material goes out to the current 14 university members, and all students are eligible for free individual membership. We also encourage universities to take full advantage of the CAST Education Program--resources, Friday Notes available for all students, research papers, and social media. Friday Notes editions regularly include links to interesting ag/science stories from universities. This week, we feature several below in addition to links listed in other parts of the newsletter. 

A Columbus-based brewer is aiming to become the most sustainable brewery in central Ohio, and this Ohio State graduate is putting his education to use as he helps pave the way to "greener" beer.

This leafy-green machine at the University of Arkansas is not only serving as an educational opportunity for students but also as a source of locally grown food for students on campus. 

Undergraduate students at the University of Kentucky can take advantage of a summer research program without the added pressure of daily classroom responsibilities.

Texas A&M staff and faculty came to the rescue of an estimated 2,000 sea turtles fighting for their lives during last week's unseasonably cold temperatures.

Researchers at Kansas State aim to increase the use of arable land acreage that is considered to steep to use conventional equipment. Their solution: robots the size of a common wheelchair.

Key findings in a decade-long research project at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln may result in solutions to sub-Saharan Africa's challenge with vitamin A deficiency.