CAST Wraps Up Membership Month Celebration

August 28, 2017



Success Comes from an Engaged, Diverse Base



When CAST began in 1972, the organization used rotary dial phones, clunky typewriters, and snail-mail newsletters. The digital age changed the methods, but the basic premise remains the same-CAST fulfills its mission of communicating credible, science-based information, and it succeeds because of the consistent support of its members.

Seven scientific societies signed on as the first official members of CAST, and dedicated individuals began donating time and expertise. Charles A. Black served CAST in some manner-including president-from 1972 to 1988, and he became known as the organization's "moving spirit."
Norman Borlaug was a charter CAST supporter, and throughout the decades, hundreds of scientists, educators, and agriculturalists have contributed in various ways. Without the financial support of members, the commitment of those on the boards, and the expert input of task force volunteers, CAST could not have succeeded as a respected agricultural resource.
In recognition of the many who have contributed, the CAST staff and boards declared August 2017 as "Celebrate CAST Members Month." Through Friday Notes, social media, and the website, the organization shared historical information, highlighting founding members, and featuring examples of the many who have joined in this effort to promote agriculture and science-from long-time individual participants to CAST's newest-and youngest-student member. 
CAST Executive Vice President Kent Schescke recognizerd the importance of active, diverse membership: "We have been working with the Board to strengthen our membership base--from teenagers to retirees, from nonprofit to corporate, from agriculturalists to consumers, and from educational institutions large and small.  We know that all our membership categories help CAST achieve its mission." 

Respectfully Representing Our Roots:

CAST's scientific society members are essential to fulfilling the mission of CAST--to communicate credible science-based information to the public and policymakers. Read this blog that highlights the contributions made by one of the seven founding members.  

Digging Deep into Agriculture and the Dirt:

CAST celebrated the addition of our youngest member--an eight grader from California with a passion for all things plants. Check out this blog that features a young man who is reaping the benefits of CAST's free student membership. 

'May The Legacy of Dr. Borlaug Live On!':

On August 31, 1971, seven societies voted to become members of CAST--one being the Crop Science Society of America. Visit this blog to read why one of their representatives stresses the importance of becoming a member of CAST. 

Members of CAST for Life:

Even though times were tough and profits were minimal, this couple chose to support CAST during the transition of ownership of their family business in 1975. Check out this blog to learn more about these lifetime members.