Dr. Adesina Speaks at CAST Event

June 10, 2011

Nigerian-born Akin Adesina said, "Africa is rising, forming bread baskets where combinations of soil quality, financing, know-how, and market access can mean leaps and bounds in agricultural productivity. With much more land mass but two-thirds the population of India, Africa can change from a food-deficit continent to a food-surplus region."

Vice President of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, Adesina said that farmers and policymakers in Asia "got the technology right and the policies right." He encourages African nations, the United States, and international organizations to support banks and small landholders who are making strides in agricultural productivity.

On May 14, Dr. Adesina was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters by Franklin and Marshall College. At the CAST gathering on May 17, the respected global agricultural expert spoke to diplomats, media representatives, and World Bank officials. In his opening remarks, Adesina kindly acknowledged the opportunities the Borlaug CAST Communication Award has given him in his efforts to promote science-based techniques to alleviate the world food crisis. He specifically thanked John Bonner of CAST and two key administrators of the CropLife Foundation and CropLife America: Jay Vroom and Barb Glenn.

The event was held to announce Catherine Bertini as the winner of the 2011 Borlaug CAST Communication Award which she will receive in October. Bertini is a longtime public servant best known for highlighting the pivotal role of women in the world's food chain and helping millions of victims of natural disasters.