Endless Opportunities for Students

May 4, 2018

In June 2017, Dr. Jack Avens retired after 50 years as a teacher and researcher of agriculture and food science and safety at Colorado State University. He states, "For most of those years I used CAST publications and Friday Notes in my teaching to keep course [materials] up to date. Although I have many resources, CAST has been my best single source for teaching science-based food production, processing, and consumption." Avens is still active professionally as a professor emeritus--working on projects with undergraduate and graduate students while maintaining contact with the food and beverage industries. Note: Click here to watch a video that highlights CAST accomplishments in 2017--all due to our membership support. 

CAST's Membership and Administration Specialist Colleen Hamilton states, "We're currently seeing an exciting increase in free student memberships. Our hope is that they will use our excellent resources throughout their academic career and then continue to take advantage of those resources and other membership benefits through our Young Professional membership category in their future endeavors."

For many years, CAST has benefited from student involvement, and much of that has come through a student intern relationship with Iowa State University. Most of the students have agricultural backgrounds, and they contribute new ideas and youthful energy to our organization--in areas ranging from social media to finance to event planning.

As this school year ends, two CAST interns will be moving on. Ellen Jasper (left in photo) has a trip to Ireland in the works before she takes on a finance internship with a major bank. Mikayla Dolch (right) will continue her active participation in agricultural organizations, and this fall she will do her student teaching in agriculture education. Note: This earlier blog provides background information about these two high-achieving students.