Genetically Engineered Foods Commentary and audio/slide presentation: Free Download Here

June 22, 2011

The Science and Regulation of Food from Genetically Engineered Animals (This paper and the audio/PowerPoint presentation are also available by clicking the title at right under "related publications." Then click "Select delivery method" then "Online/downloadable" then "Download Now.")

Although humans and animals have been consuming genetically engineered (GE) food from plants for years, images of GM animals open new and often contentious debates about the issue. Led by Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, University of California–Davis, a task force of experts examines current regulations, criticisms of the process, and implications for the future. The centerpiece of this new paper from the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology is a case study of the AquAdvantage salmon proposal, but the findings here have far-reaching implications.

After looking at various sides of the issue, the authors conclude with a clear statement: “The current regulatory approach, coupled with the prolonged and unpredictable time frame, has resulted in an inhibitory effect on commercial investment in the development of GE animals for agricultural applications with ramifications for U.S. agriculture and food security.”

“This important, timely paper will be of interest to policymakers, agricultural producers, and the public,” says Dr. John Bonner, CAST Executive Vice President/CEO.The full text of The Science and Regulation of Food from Genetically Engineered Animals (Commentary QTA2011-2) may be accessed free of charge.