May: The Month of Planting and Protein

May 18, 2018

It's hard to believe we are already halfway through the month of May. As farmers get closer to wrapping up this year's planting season, it seems like an appropriate time to mention just how important this month is to the agricultural industry. Not only are farmers planting seeds in hopes of a bountiful harvest later this fall--but we also pay tribute to several commodity groups and the individuals who work tirelessly to provide a healthy, nutritiousproduct for our dinner plates.

In this week's blog, CAST's Communications and Social Media Specialist, Kylie Peterson, celebrates National Beef Month and National Egg Month by featuring recent research articles that hightlight these important protein sources. Click here for access to the full blog.

For the remainder of the month, Kylie encourages you to find ways to get involved and salute these delicious and nutritious sources of protein. Fire up the grill to cook yourself a juicy steak, add eggs to your diet, share your story from the farm to help educate others, or schedule a visit for some hands-on learning. Whatever you choose, let's celebrate the power of protein!

Summary of Activities

As CAST consistently works to implement the 2016-2020 CAST Strategic Plan, one of the critical areas identified was improving communication of CAST activities and events. The CAST Summary of Activities for January-May 2018 highlights recent publication releases, the annual report, board updates, and the Borlaug CAST Communication award announcement.

As you can see from the summary, the beginning of 2018 has been very productive. We anticipate continued success for the remainder of the year with the rollout of several publications; CAST's Annual Meeting in Sacramento/Davis, California (October 23-25); and the 2018 Borlaug CAST Communication Award event in October.