Science-based Research and Current News

May 25, 2018

The phrase "credible, peer-reviewed research" might elicit cosmic sighs from some, as they envision publications laden with technical terms and scientific concepts. But the process is crucial in a world that needs solid, thoughtful information. CAST publishes issue papers, commentaries, and special reports to inform the public and policymakers--and with increasing regularity, the topics are resonating in current headlines. The following links reflect a few of the connections between CAST papers and current news. For more examples, click here to read our latest blog, CAST Publications Continue to Resonate with Recent Research.

Biotech and Labeling:  In a recent email to suppliers, Whole Foods announced the company would pause its genetically modified food labeling requirements that had been scheduled to start on September 1. CAST Issue Paper #56 examined process labeling and its effects on the food industry.

Gene Editing, Crops, and Regulations: The CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing method has the potential to greatly influence agriculture and food production. A recent CAST Issue Paper looks at the potential of this process and the ways that regulatory barriers hinder innovation

More Buzz about Bees:  The University of California-Davis provides a video to look at some of the complicated issues regarding bee health. And this Cornell University scientist discusses additional challenges bees face. The topic brings up many opinions, and the CAST Commentary,"Why Does Bee Health Matter?" uses science-based information to explain some of the important concepts.

Animal Health and Welfare:  Researchers are working to discover nutritional products that could help decrease illness and lessen the need for medicines. Animal welfare is a controversial topic, and this editorial writer says some extreme activists have trouble understanding the word "compromise."  A recent CAST Task Force Report looked at the science behind some of these issues: Scientific, Ethical, and Economic Aspects of Farm Animal Welfare.