Standing Up for Science

June 4, 2018

Friday Notes often features links to blogs by science experts such as Jayson Lusk, Kevin Folta, and Alison Van Eenennaam.

This week, CAST features a guest blog written by the president of the American Council on Science and Health--Hank Campbell. CAST has benefited from the contribution of several guest bloggers--such as Jason Riis, Gregory JaffeWanda Patsche, Carl Winter, and Roxi Beck--whose views support our goals and mission. They provide an outside perspective and often generate thought- provoking conversations.  

Campbell's blog does just that as he encourages scientists to stand up for science even if their political allies are against it. He thinks too many experts qualify issues with the "on the other hand" phrase. As he says, "If you are in any kind of application-relevant field, be a one-handed scientist."

Campbell believes the science community loses ground by using nuanced language. He says they offer qualifications, expectations, and limitations when speaking to the public on issues that are obvious.  "It is time to stop talking about the other hand because it creates false balance. Basically, I argue we need to find more one-handed scientists." 

Click here for full access to this week's blog, "Will Somebody Find Me a One-Handed Scientist?!"