Submit an Idea--CAST Makes It Easy to Give Input

July 29, 2016

CAST communicates solid, science-based information to the public and policymakers--and the organization needs ideas and input to fulfill that mission. During a strategic planning breakout session at last year's annual meeting, CAST work groups formulated a plan designed to anticipate issues better and make publications more timely. A key part of that is a system designed so external stakeholders can easily submit an idea for a proposal.

Dirk Drost (Syngenta executive and Company Liaison on the CAST Board of Directors) said, "We are broadening the pool of idea submitters, and we hope to therefore give our work groups more fuel."

CAST recently updated its homepage with a "Submit an Idea for a CAST Publication” button. Clicking on it will lead the user to a simple online form to collect ideas and basic contact information. Once an idea is submitted, CAST staff will be notified and the information will be fed to the appropriate work group.

As CAST Director of Operations Melissa Sly said, "One of CAST's strategic goals is to improve involvement from external sources. Not only does CAST want to be more inclusive in gathering ideas and input, the organization also wants to make that process as simple as possible. We hope this new website button accomplishes both. It's our equivalent of an Easy Button."