The Importance of University Research

April 13, 2018

Every day we reap the benefits of discoveries made or knowledge advanced from public and private research universities. They continue to produce discoveries that improve the health of living organisms, grow our economy, provide an innovative hands-on learning environment for students, and enhance our day-to-day lives in profound ways. CAST appreciates the work of our 14 member universities that complements our mission of serving as a catalyst and voice for credible, balanced, science-based information. The goal of these universities--developing the minds of future scientists and agriculturalists paired with their internationally respected research programs--makes their work extremely valuable.

In this week's blog we highlight several recent findings from an array of universities. Here are a few examples of the stories we featured:

From Moo to Brew:  This Cornell professor is working to turn dairy waste into a flavorful drink with an alcoholic kick. Dairy by-product beer could soon be found on tap near you.

Product with Potential:  A wind-powered grain drying system developed by students at the University of Kentucky could improve grain quality and human health in Africa. 

Entomology Experiment: This Kansas State doctoral student in entomology recently spent time in China learning about new ways to attract beneficial insects to the habitat around farmers' fields.

Space Gardener: This University of Florida student is developing imaging procedures for a GoPro with hopes of using this technology to grow food on Mars.

As colleges prepare for summer break, CAST continues to encourage collaboration through educational membership, free student membership, or other forms of association.