Chair/Cochair Index, 1988-Present

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Dennis, Sherri
June 2006    IP31    TF Cochair
Using Risk Analysis to Inform Microbial Food Safety Decisions
DiTomaso, Joe
November 2007    QTA2007-1    TF Chair
Biofuel Feedstocks: The Risk of Future Invasions
Dou, Zhengxia
September 2018    IP62    TF Chair
Food Loss and Waste
Dou, Zhengxia
September 2018    QC-62    TF Chair
Food Loss and Waste (QC)
Downing, John A.
June 1999    R134    TF Chair
Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia: Land and Sea Interactions
Doyle, Michael P.
January 2004    IP25    TF Chair
Intervention Strategies for the Microbiological Safety of Foods of Animal Origin
Duke, Stephen O.
May 1991    CC1991-1    TF Chair
Herbicide-Resistant Crops
Dunshea, Frank R.
July 2005    IP30    TF Cochair
Metabolic Modifiers for Use in Animal Production
Duvick, Donald N.
February 1999    R133    TF Cochair
Benefits of Biodiversity