Agricultural Ethics


Task Force Chair

R. Burkhardt

Task Force Author(s)

Gary Comstock
Peter Hartel
Paul Thompson

Task Force Reviewers

Maarten Chrispeels
Charles Muscoplat
Robert Streiffer
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This paper provides background on some ways in which ethics is applied productively to the food and agriculture system.Ethics may be a component in food safety and security, international trade, land-use policies, and animal welfare.Other topics considered include research ethics, public trust in science, and practical steps for institutionalizing ethics into agriculture.In addition to the scientific community, policymakers, agency leaders, and persons in the humanities and social sciences disciplines will find this study useful. Chair: Jeffrey Burkhardt, University of Florida, Gainesville. IP 29, February 2005, 12 pp., FREE. Available online ( AND in print (515-292-2125; fee for shipping/handling).


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