Animal Organ Donors: Human Health Applications


Task Force Co-chair

Jeffrey Platt
Randall Prather

Task Force Reviewers

Jorge Piedrahita
Kenneth White
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PART 2, "ANIMAL AGRICULTURE'S FUTURE THROUGH BIOTECHNOLOGY."This issue paper examines current and future concerns and benefits for using animals as organ and tissue donors (xenotransplantation).The authors provide a careful review of the procedure's history and development, as well as an outline of possible applications for the future as xenotransplantation impacts human health.Cochairs: Jeffrey L. Platt, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, and Randall S. Prather, University of Missouri, Columbia.IP 26, June 2004, 8 pp., FREE. Available online ( AND in print (515-292-2125; fee for shipping/handling).


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