Applications of Biotechnology to Crops: Benefits and Risks


Task Force Author(s)

Gabrielle Persley
James Siedow

Task Force Reviewers

Michael Gasson
Calvin Qualset
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This issue paper is a summary of the recent scientific developments that underpin modern biotechnology and a discussion of the potential risks and benefits when these are applied to agricultural crops. This introductory paper is intended for a general audience. Released at the Third Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization in Seattle, December 2, 1999. Authors: Gabrielle J. Persley, The World Bank, Washington, D.C., and James N. Siedow, Department of Botany, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. IP12, December 1999, 8 pp., FREE. Available online ( AND in print (515-292-2125; fee for shipping/handling).
(Keywords: Biotechnology, GMO, Crops)


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