CD4 Human Health Impacts

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Publications Included:
R136 Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies in the United States (October 2000, 36 pp.)
IP16 Estrogenicity and Endocrine Disruption (July 2000, 16 pp.)
SP22 Foodborne Pathogens:Review of Recommendations (October 1998, 45 pp.)
SP21 Food Safety, Sufficiency, and Security (June 1998, 78 pp.)
R132 Naturally Occurring Antimicrobials in Food (April 1998, 103 pp.)
IP8 Examination of Dietary Recommendations for Salt-Cured, Smoked, and Nitrite-Preserved Foods (November 1997, 8 pp.)
R131 Contribution of Animal Products to Healthful Diets (October 1997, 56 pp.)
IP7 Radiation Pasteurization of Food (April 1996, 10 pp.)
R123 Public Perceptions of Agrichemicals (January 1995, 35 pp.)
R122 Foodborne Pathogens:Risks and Consequences (September 1994, 87 pp.)
IP4 Labeling of Food-Plant Biotechnology Products (July 1994, 8 pp.)
IP2 Pesticides in Surface and Ground Water (April 1994, 8 pp.)


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