CD5 Plant and Soil Issues in Agriculture

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Publications Included:
IP15 Relevance of Soil Testing to Agriculture and the Environment (June 2000, 12 pp.)
IP14 Storing Carbon in Agricultural Soils to Help Mitigate Global Warming (April 2000, 8 pp.)
IP13 Invasive Plant Species (February 2000, 18 pp.)
IP12 Applications of Biotechnology to Crops:Benefits and Risks (December 1999, 8 pp.)
IP10 The Proposed EPA Plant Pesticide Rule (October 1998, 8 pp.)
R129 Grazing on Public Lands (December 1996, 70 pp.)
R127 Future of Irrigated Agriculture (August 1996, 76 pp.)
IP6 Diversifying U.S. Crop Production (February 1996, 12 pp.)
R126 Quality of U.S. Agricultural Products (January 1996, 25 pp.)
R124 Waste Management and Utilization in Food Production and Processing (October 1995, 125 pp.)
SP19 Conservation Reserve: A Survey of Research and Interest Groups (July 1995, 44 pp.)
IP4 Labeling of Food-Plant Biotechnology Products (July 1994, 8 pp.)
R121 How Much Land Can Ten Billion People Spare for Nature? (February 1994, 64 pp.)


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