Integrated Pest Management: Current and Future Strategies


Task Force Chair

Kenneth Barker

Task Force Author(s)

Esther Day
Tim Gibb
Maud Hinchee
Nancy Hinkle
Barry Jacobsen
James Knight
Kenneth Langeland
Evan Nebeker
David Rosenberger
Donald Schmitt
John Snyder
A. Sorensen
Walter Stevenson
Stephen Stringham
Scott Swinton
David Watson
Philip Westra
Mark Whalon
Tom Whitson

Task Force Reviewers

Turner B. Sutton
Task Force Reports
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This comprehensive report offers an insightful, up-to-date analysis of the issues involved in pest control. The report is designed to offer policymakers, opinion makers, and educators an informed overview of the changing nature of these choices in the twenty-first century. The authors identify seven key issues that future IPM strategies must address: impact of biotechnology on agriculture; genetic diversity and pest adaptability; ecology-based management systems; increased understanding of microflora/fauna in the environment; training and technology transfer; government policies and regulations; and need for continuous assessment of strategy. Chair: Kenneth R. Barker, North Carolina State University. R140, June 2003, ISBN 1-887383-23-9, 246 pp., $50.00; Interpretive Summary, 2 pp., free.


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