Intervention Strategies for the Microbiological Safety of Foods of Animal Origin


Task Force Chair

Michael Doyle

Task Force Author(s)

Gary Acuff
Dane Bernard
Bruce Cords
James Cullor
Jill Hollingsworth
Karen Penner
Robert (Skip) Seward
Bill Sperber
Bruce Tompkin

Task Force Reviewers

J. Bailey
John Sofos
Lyle Vogel
Kaye Wachsmuth
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Prepared by a task force of thirteen scientists, this issue paper provides a timely consideration of critical issues:microbiological safety of foods of animal origin during production; food processing strategies for manufactured foods of animal origin, both ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat; food safety initiatives in retailing; consumer interventions to enhance food safety; challenges to applying food safety controls uniformly across all sectors of the food service industry; and recommendations for development and application of new intervention strategies to decrease human illnesses attributed to foods derived from animals.Chair:Michael P. Doyle, University of Georgia.IP25, January 2004, 24 pp., FREE. Available online ( AND in print (515-292-2125; fee for shipping/handling).


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