Other Publications

Other Publications - March 2016

This is a compilation and enrichment of papers presented at The Last Food Mile Conference held at the University of Pennsylvania in December 2014. Topics include food waste in the industry sector and how it is handled, characteristics of food waste in restaurants and in homes, how food waste can be measured, what interventions are most effective, food recovery from the supply chain and how it is diverted and used, and how food marketing affects consumption and waste. Click links here to view the Table of Contents and the Introduction. ISBN 978-1-887383-35-6, March 2016, 360 pp. AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY. To download, click on "Select Delivery Method", "Online/Downloadable" and "Download Now". NOTE: CAST Members should login first through the Members Only menu to receive membership pricing.

Other Publications - January 2014

A compilation of publicly available information assembled by The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), updated July 2017.

Other Publications - August 2010

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) sponsored a three-day symposium in Washington, D.C., June 2010, in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture. Thirty-two presenters, speaking individually or as panelists, addressed the topic of Sustaining Animal Agriculture: Balancing Bioethical, Economic, and Social Issues.

Approximately 250 people from a wide variety of organizations attended the symposium, which was held in the Jefferson Auditorium at the USDA's South Building. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with presenters during several Q&A sessions throughout the meeting.

Critical issues addressed during the symposium included
• bioethical and animal welfare issues,
• analysis of certification and regulatory programs,
• integration of competing concepts surrounding the ethical use of food animals,
• long-term survival and food security,
• societal and global impacts, and
• consequences of decisions by consumer and government decision makers.

Other Publications - June 2002

A comprehensive review of the scientific literature supports the conclusion that overall the currently commercialized biotechnology-derived soybean, corn, and cotton crops yield environmental benefits.Furthermore, a critical analysis of the literature supports the idea that biotechnology-derived soybean, corn, and cotton pose no environmental concerns unique to or different from those historically associated with conventionally developed crop varieties.

Other Publications - January 1972

Dr. Borlaug was a lifelong promoter and advocate for the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), beginning at its founding in 1972. He was the featured speaker at the CAST–Industry Conference, held in January 1973, at which CAST was introduced to the agribusiness community. His remarks at the conference—later published as CAST Paper #1—helped establish the new organization and set the tone for its mission and impact.

It is opportune today that the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology is being formed to bring back together, after many years of separation, the different disciplines of agricultural science into a body designed to affect overall policy of agricultural development….CAST therefore has both a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to present unbiased, scientific data on many of these issues to congressmen, policy makers, and the general public so that wise policy and legislation will be enacted. I have faith the correct decisions will be made if the facts are made known to the general public and to the national and state legislative leaders. [Excerpt from CAST Paper No. 1]