Series Index, 1988-Present

Listed below are CAST publications divided by series (type) and presented in order of publication. The different series are:

  1. Ag quickCASTs
  2. CAST Commentaries
  3. Issue Papers
  4. Special Publications
  5. Task Force Reports
  6. Comments from CAST
  7. CD Collections
  8. Other Publications
142-QC Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities (QC) May, 2013
142-QC-SPA Fijación de carbono y flujos de gases de efecto invernadero: retos y oportunidades May, 2014
143-QC Scientific, Ethical, and Economic Aspects of Farm Animal Welfare (QC) April, 2018
2011-1-QC Investing in a Better Future through Public Agricultural Research (QC) May, 2013
2011-2-QC The Science and Regulation of Food from Genetically Engineered Animals (QC) May, 2013
2012-1-QC The Direct Relationship between Animal Health and Food Safety Outcomes (QC) April, 2013
2012-1-QC-SPA La relación directa entre la salud animal y los resultados de inocuidad alimentaria (QC) February, 2014
2014-1-QC Benefits of Controlling Nuisance Aquatic Plants and Algae in the United States (QC) July, 2014
2016-1-QC A Life-cycle Approach to Low-invasion Potential Bioenergy Production (QC) February, 2016
31-QC Assessing the Health of Streams in Agricultural Landscapes: The Impacts of Land Management Change on Water Quality (QC) April, 2013
31-QC-SPA La evaluación de la salud de los afluentes en los paisajes agrícolas: Los impactos que tiene el cambio de manejo del suelo en la calidad del agua (QC) February, 2014
32-QC Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Health Benefits and Dietary Recommendations (QC) May, 2018
47-QC Air Issues Associated with Animal Agriculture: A North American Perspective (QC) May, 2013
48-QC Energy Issues Affecting Corn/Soybean Systems: Challenges for Sustainable Production (QC) May, 2013
49-QC Herbicide-resistant Weeds Threaten Soil Conservation Gains: Finding a Balance for Soil and Farm Sustainability (QC) May, 2013
49-QC-SPA Las malezas resistentes a los herbicidas son una amenaza para los avances logrados en la conservación del suelo: Cómo encontrar un equilibrio para la sustentabilidad del suelo y de los predios agrícolas (QC) February, 2014
50-QC Water and Land Issues Associated with Animal Agriculture: A U.S. Perspective (QC) April, 2013
50-QC SPA Problemas del agua y el suelo asociados con la ganadería (QC) November, 2013
51-QC Food, Fuel, and Plant Nutrient Use in the Future (QC) April, 2013
51-QC SPA Alimentos, combustible y uso de fitonutrientes en el futuro (QC) November, 2013
52-QC Impact of the Precautionary Principle on Feeding Current and Future Generations (QC) June, 2013
53-QC Animal Feed vs. Human Food: Challenges and Opportunities in Sustaining Animal Agriculture Toward 2050 (QC) September, 2013
54-QC The Potential Impacts of Mandatory Labeling for Genetically Engineered Food in the United States (QC) April, 2014
55-QC The Contributions of Pesticides to Pest Management in Meeting the Global Need for Food Production by 2050 (QC) November, 2014
56-QC Process Labeling of Food: Consumer Behavior, the Agricultural Sector, and Policy Recommendations (QC) October, 2015
56-QC-SPA El etiquetado de los alimentos: Comportamiento del consumidor, el sector agrícola y políticas que se recomiendan (QC) June, 2016
57-QC Plant Breeding and Genetics (QC) March, 2017
58-QC Crop Protection Contributions toward Agricultural Productivity (QC) April, 2017
59-QC Regulatory Barriers to the Development of Innovative Agricultural Biotechnology by Small Businesses and Universities (QC) March, 2018
60-QC Genome Editing in Agriculture: Methods, Applications, and Governance (QC) July, 2018
61-QC Impact of Free-Range Poultry Production Systems on Animal Health, Human Health, Productivity, Environment, Food Safety, and Animal Welfare Issues (QC) July, 2018
QC-62 Food Loss and Waste (QC) September, 2018
QTA2016-2 QC The Impact of Asynchronous Approvals for Biotech Crops on Agricultural Sustainability, Trade, and Innovation (QC) December, 2016
QTA2017-1 QC Why Does Bee Health Matter? The Science Surrounding Honey Bee Health Concerns and What We Can Do About It (QC) June, 2017