The Science and Regulation of Food from Genetically Engineered Animals


Task Force Chair

Alison Van Eenennaam

Task Force Author(s)

Eric Hallerman
William Muir

Task Force Reviewers

Dave Edwards
Gregory Jaffe
Paul Olin
Mark Walton

Task Force Board Liaison

David Scarfe
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Humans and animals have been consuming genetically engineered (GE) food from plants for decades, but the recent approval of GE salmon intended as human food has resulted in debate and some controversy. Many still have concerns about the environmental impact and food safety issues of such an approval. More research is needed as policymakers struggle with laws ranging from the approval of GE procedures to the labeling of such food in the markets. This Commentary looks at how GE animals are currently regulated and what type of data is needed to demonstrate the safety of GE organisms. The authors also look at the opportunities for public participation in the regulatory process and the implications for the future of this technology.  Chair: Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, University of California-Davis. QTA2011-2, 8pp., June 2011. AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY.

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