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Comments from CAST - CC1994-1 - February 1994
Definition of wetlands, functions and values, agricultural conflicts, socioeconomic issues, conservation concepts, conclusions. Chair: Jay A. Leitch, North Dakota State University, Fargo. CC1994-1, February 1994, 47 pp., $12.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.   
Special Publications - SP17 - August 1993

The five members of a CAST task force who reviewed the National Research Council (NRC) report agree that the report is a thorough, balanced, and objective summary of available information on the subject. The NRC report has called for improvements in the evaluation and regulation of pesticide risks in infants' and children's foods. SP17, August 1993, 20 pp. OUT OF PRINT, Available as download only.

Issue Papers - IP 1 - July 1993

Concurs with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and National Academy of Sciences (NAS) amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court related to guidelines for determining what scientific evidence is admissible in a court of law. Author: F. J. Francis, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. IP1, July 1993, 4 pp. OUT OF PRINT, Available as download only.

Comments from CAST - CC1993-1 - July 1993
The members of a Council for Agricultural Science and Technology task force believe many of the fears of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are not well founded. There generally would be a gain to U.S. producers of grain, oilseeds, livestock, and possibly dairy, and losses for producers who compete with Mexican fruits and vegetables. Chair: G. Edward Schuh, Dean, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. CC1993-1, July 1993, 41 pp., $10.00.
Task Force Reports - R120 - December 1992

This report discusses modern agriculture's impacts on the environment, especially surface and ground water. This report increases the understanding of the science, risks, benefits, and realities of agricultural production and water quality protection. Chair: Frank J. Humenik, North Carolina State University, Raleigh. R120, December 1992, 103 pp. OUT OF PRINT, Available as download only.

Comments from CAST - CC1992-2 - June 1992
This report recommends implementation of an innovative minor use pesticides strategy before 1997, so as to assure the continued availability to U.S. consumers of high quality, reasonably priced minor crops. Chair: Kenneth P. Dorschner, retired, USDA, CSRS, Vienna, Virginia. CC1992-2, June 1992, 19 pp., $8.00.
Task Force Reports - R119 - June 1992

Covers all aspects of the subject, emphasizing adaptation to changes, emission of greenhouse gases, the impact of climate change. Chair: Paul Waggoner, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven. R119, June 1992, 96 pp., $15.00; Interpretive Summary, 6 pp., free.

Comments from CAST - CC1992-1 - April 1992

This report states that the amazing advances in analytical methods have made the Delaney Clause hopelessly obsolete and it should be repealed. The Delaney Clause, which states that no amount of cancer-causing substances can be added to our food, should be replaced with a "de minimis" concept. Author: F. J. Francis, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. CC1992-1, April 1992, 23 pp., $8.00.

Task Force Reports - R118 - December 1991

This CAST report supports dietary recommendations to decrease food fat consumption from the present national average of 37% to less than 30% of the total caloric intake. The agricultural and food industries are responding by redesigning fresh and processed foods so that consumers can more readily meet these recommendations. Chair: Donald C. Beitz, Iowa State University, Ames. R118, December 1991, 96 pp. OUT OF PRINT, Available as download only.

Comments from CAST - CC1991-1 - May 1991

This report indicates that biotechnology-induced herbicide resistance in crops will allow use of herbicides that are toxicologically and environmentally less suspect that those herbicides now used in some crops. Authors: Stephen O. Duke, A. Lawrence Christy, F. Dana Hess, and Jodie S. Holt. CC1991-1, May 1991, 24 pp., $8.00.