Task Force Reports

Task Force Reports - R133 - February 1999
Scientists offer 27 recommendations for preserving the full range of biological diversity and state that stewardship of biodiversity is an unavoidable permanent obligation of modern society. Cochairs: G. David Tilman, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, and Donald N. Duvick, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University, Ames. R133, ISBN 1-887383-15-8, February 1999, 33 pp., $15.00; Interpretive Summary, 2 pp., free.
Task Force Reports - R132 - April 1998

Many biologically derived substances exhibit antimicrobial properties in the foods in which they normally are found or may be developed for commercial use as additives to other foods requiring preservation. Chair: John N. Sofos, Colorado State University, Fort Collins. R132, ISBN 1-887383-12-3, April 1998, 103 pp., $28.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.

Task Force Reports - R131 - October 1997

Foods derived from animals contribute significantly to total nutrients in the U.S. food supply. Moreover, the availability to humans of the nutrients in animal products is high. Chair: Donald C. Beitz, Iowa State University, Ames. R131, ISBN 1-887383-11-5, October 1997, 56 pp., $24.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.

Task Force Reports - R130 - September 1997

Concern for the welfare of farm animals is mounting in the United States. Although many of the issues of agricultural animal welfare probably will be resolved politically, the CAST task force recommends that scientists become involved in clarifying the issue. Chair: Stanley E. Curtis, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park. R130, ISBN 1-887383-10-7, September 1997, 34 pp., $16.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.

Task Force Reports - R129 - December 1996

Approximately 262 million acres of public land in the western United States are grazed by domestic livestock. This report discusses and provides scientific information concerning livestock grazing on public lands in the West. Chair: William A. Laycock, University of Wyoming, Laramie. R129, ISBN 1-887383-09-3, December 1996, 70 pp., $20.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.

Task Force Reports - R128 - November 1996

A broad spectrum of integrated manure management systems are available to collect, transfer, store, treat, and efficiently utilize a great variety of sources and nutrient qualities of animal manures. Cochairs: Alan L. Sutton, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, and James F. Power, USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, Nebraska. R128, ISBN 1-887383-08-5, November 1996, 87 pp., $20.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.

Task Force Reports - R127 - August 1996

Farmers irrigating in the western United States face a host of changing circumstances that will require innovations and new adaptations to ensure continued prosperity. Chair: Henry J. Vaux, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California. R127, ISBN 1-887383-07-7, August 1996, 76 pp., $20.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.

Task Force Reports - R126 - January 1996

Accurate assessment of the quality of agricultural products is essential in today's rapidly globalizing economy. A few changes in policies and regulations related to the quality of agricultural products could increase access to U.S. export and domestic markets. Chair: Lowell D. Hill, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. R126, ISBN 1-887383-04-2, January 1996, 288 pp., $40.00; Summary and Conclusions, ISBN 1-887383-05-0, 25 pp., $10.00; Interpretive Summary, 16 pp., free.

Task Force Reports - R125 - October 1995

U.S. agricultural producers and food processors will need to focus on adding value to agricultural products in a way that meets the needs and desires of an increasingly diverse group of consumers around the world. If they do not focus on consumer need, the United States will be relegated to supplying homogeneous commodities that are transformed into value-added food products in foreign countries. Chair: Maury E. Bredahl, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri-Columbia. R125, ISBN 1-887383-03-4, October 1995, 34 pp., $12.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.

Task Force Reports - R124 - October 1995

Comprehensive report on wastes from crop production, poultry farms, swine production, cattle feedlots, dairy farms, food processing, and seafood production and processing. Chairs: Larry L. Boersma, Department of Soil Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, and Ishwar P. Murarka, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, California. R124, ISBN 1-887383-02-6, October 1995, 125 pp., $22.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.