Special Publications

Special Publications - SP22 - October 1998

Scientists offer 18 recommendations as a platform to focus and stimulate efforts toward food safety improvements. Cochairs: Peggy Foegeding, Department of Food Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, and Tanya Roberts, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, Food and Rural Economics Division, Washington, D.C. SP22, ISBN 1-887383-14-X, October 1998, 45 pp., $15.00; Interpretive Summary, 2 pp., free.

Special Publications - SP21 - June 1998

New and changing circumstances require examination of policy options by governments, agribusinesses, food producers and processors, and consumers. In response to this need, CAST sponsored a November 1997 conference to explore the complex relationships among food safety, sufficiency, and security on a global and U.S. basis. This Special Publication contains the proceedings of the conference as well as a general summary of challenges and solutions for the future. Conference Chair: Lester M. Crawford, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., SP21, ISBN 1-887383-13-1, June 1998, 78 pp., $26.00. Interpretive Summary, 2 pp., free.

Special Publications - SP20 - January 1996

Summary of a workshop designed to create awareness of critical changes in the workplace. Members of nearly 50 professional societies participated. SP20, ISBN 1-887383-06-9, January 1996, 23 pp., $10.00; Interpretive Summary, 2 pp., free.

Special Publications - SP19 - July 1995
This CAST Report summarizes Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) policy literature and a survey of key special interest groups regarding their preferences for a future CRP. By gathering key literature and preference information into a single document, the Task Force authors are able to present and evaluate options for the future. Authors: Jennie S. Hughes, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University, and Terry E. Nipp, AESOP Enterprises, Ltd., Washington, D.C. SP19, ISBN 1-887383-01-8, July 1995, 44 pp., $12.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.
Special Publications - SP18 - April 1995

Summary of a January 1995 conference sponsored by CAST. Topics include legislative, environmental, conservation, rural development, research, and education issues. SP18, ISBN 1-887383-00-X, April 1995, 32 pp.

Special Publications - SP17 - August 1993

The five members of a CAST task force who reviewed the National Research Council (NRC) report agree that the report is a thorough, balanced, and objective summary of available information on the subject. The NRC report has called for improvements in the evaluation and regulation of pesticide risks in infants' and children's foods. SP17, August 1993, 20 pp. OUT OF PRINT, Available as download only.

Special Publications - SP16 - July 1990

Reviews by 44 leading scientists support and criticize the 1989 National Research Council report, Alternative Agriculture. The authors represent the disciplines of agricultural engineering, food science, toxicology, animal sciences, crop and soil sciences, economics sociology, weed science, entomology, and plant pathology. Chair: Lowell S. Jordan, University of California, Riverside. SP16, July 1990, 182 pp. OUT OF PRINT, Available as download only.