Waste Management and Utilization in Food Production and Processing


Task Force Co-chair

Larry Boersma
Ishwar Murarka

Task Force Members

Cavit Akin
James Barker
Michael Boyer
Blaine Breidenstein
James Brown
Ellis Brunton
T. Carter
James Chambers
Peter Ferket
D. Lynn Forster
Deborah Fravel
Yong Hang
Gerald Havenstein
Roy Martin
Hans Riemann
Charles Ross
John Sweeten
Donn Ward
Robert Zall
J. Zublena
Task Force Reports
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Comprehensive report on wastes from crop production, poultry farms, swine production, cattle feedlots, dairy farms, food processing, and seafood production and processing. Chairs: Larry L. Boersma, Department of Soil Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, and Ishwar P. Murarka, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, California. R124, ISBN 1-887383-02-6, October 1995, 125 pp., $22.00; Interpretive Summary, 1 p., free.


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