Water and Land Issues Associated with Animal Agriculture: A U.S. Perspective


Task Force Chair

Kelly Zering

Task Force Author(s)

Terence Centner
Deanne Meyer
G. Newton
John Sweeten
Steven Woodruff

Task Force Reviewers

Jane Frankenberger
John Lory
Walter Owsley

Task Force Board Liaison

James Flowers
David Scarfe
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This paper (IP 50) addresses specific water and land concerns related to animal agriculture. The authors consider issues of water use and water quality associated with the livestock sector and the related environmental and economic impacts. The paper also includes a discussion of livestock land use, land degradation, land application of manure and manure-based composts, and deforestation related to farm policies.  This Issue Paper presents scientific data specific to North America (primarily the United States) and explains how and why these data compare with other parts of the world.  Additionally, it discusses how to reduce the environmental impact of livestock agriculture while preserving resources and quality of life. Chair: Kelly D. Zering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh. IP50, August 2012, 24 pp. FREE. Available online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).


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