Water, People, and the Future: Water Availability for Agriculture in the United States


Task Force Chair

Sharon Megdal

Task Force Author(s)

Richard Hamann
Thomas Harter
James Jawitz
Michael Jess

Task Force Reviewers

Jerry Harke
Pierce Jones
Don Parrish
Rita Sudman

Task Force Board Liaison

Edward Hanlon
John Havlin

Task Force Technical Advisor

Joanna Bate
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Despite current uncertainty about the United States' economic future, most reports suggest that growth will resume and competition for freshwater will continue.As one of the largest users of water in the United States, agriculture will be impacted significantly by changes in water availability and cost. How water managers and users respond to water use challenges will determine, in part, the long-term availability of water for municipal, agricultural, and other uses. The authors provide insight into how water challenges are being addressed in four specific areas of the United States as helpful case studies in developing solutions to similar water issues in other regions. Chair: Dr. Sharon Megdal, Water Resources Research Center, University of Arizona, Tucson. IP44, November 2009, 20 pp.FREE.Available online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).


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