Go Ahead and Worry—But Science Says Your Food Is Safe
April 21, 2020

Let’s make one thing clear: Our food is safe. Health authorities assure us that the […]

Growing It at Home
April 16, 2020

Gardens bloom in the shadow of the pandemic For weeks, folks have been waking to […]

Food Supply Chains Affected by Virus
April 14, 2020

But the food itself is safe As with many businesses in the country, food production […]

Impact of COVID-19 on Pets and Livestock
April 10, 2020

April 10, 2020  Note: See other CAST content containing coronavirus resources and information on our […]

Crucial Need for Food Animal Veterinarians – Past, Present, Future
April 6, 2020

For rural veterinarians, these performances were all part of the routine, and as Dad reminded me, country vets back then held the farming community together.

Determining How Many Veterinarians are in the Workforce is Trickier Than You Think
Press Release
April 6, 2020

Press Release April 6, 2020 | Ames, Iowa Food animal veterinarians (FAVs) are vital for […]

How the Pandemic is Affecting Farming
March 31, 2020

(Updated April 10, 2020)March 31, 2020  Note: See the previous CAST blog post from March 26 […]

A Student Perspective on Recruiting Future Food Animal Veterinarians
March 27, 2020

By Bailey Archey2022 DVM Candidate at Mississippi State University Veterinary students are no strangers to […]

Staying Aware of Coronavirus Hoaxes and Misinformation
March 26, 2020

In this segment, we provide information about fraudulent activity and scams, steps to keep you safe from malicious intent, and how to spot misinformation.

COVID-19’s Impacts on the U.S. Food System
March 24, 2020

(Updated April 3, 2020)March 24, 2020 Note: See the previous CAST blog post from March 19 for online learning […]