CAST Animal Biotechnology Paper Summarizes Existing and Emerging Technologies and Their Current and Potential Impacts
Press Release
February 5, 2003

February 5, 2003…Washington, D.C….The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) is releasing a scientific […]

CAST Provides Comprehensive Report on Mycotoxins
Press Release
January 1, 2003

Includes Mycotoxin Risks to Plants, Animals, and Humans January 2003 . . .Washington, D.C. . […]

Livestock Grazing: Right for the Environment?
Press Release
November 12, 2002

CAST releases report on environmental impacts of grazing systems on our nation’s resources INDIANAPOLIS, IN […]

New Report on How Rural and Urban Communities Can Help One Another
Press Release
May 20, 2002

Addresses Issues Ranging from Urban Sprawl to Business Development May 20, 2002…Dallas…A new report, Urban […]

CAST Scientists Issue Evaluation of U.S. Biotechnology Regulatory Process and Urge Government to Increase Public Access to How Regulators Make Decisions
Press Release
October 11, 2001

Washington, D.C. Regulators need adequate resources to make more information available to the public about […]

New U.S. Report Issued on Mad Cow and Related Diseases As Europe Grapples with Additional Outbreak and Losses
Press Release
October 10, 2000

A new scientific report characterizes the overall U.S. risk for the occurrence of bovine spongiform […]

New Paper Evaluates the Impact of Chemicals on Humans and Wildlife
Press Release
July 13, 2000

Exposure to synthetic and naturally occurring chemicals can affect important endocrine pathways and induce toxic […]

New Issue Paper Provides Guidance On Use of Soil Tests to Protect the Environment
Press Release
June 1, 2000

June 2000 . . .A new issue paper by the Council for Agricultural Science and […]

World’s Soils Can Store Carbon to Benefit the Environment Finds Paper by the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Press Release
April 3, 2000

The same farming practices that promote soil conservation can also decrease the amount of CO2 […]

Panel Finds Forests, Parks, and Water Resources in Danger
Press Release
February 29, 2000

A top-level panel of scientists and conservationists today released new findings on the growing danger […]