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FIFRA and the Endangered Species Act: Finding a Balance between Agricultural Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability, and Regulatory Stability
Category: Issue Papers
November, 2023

FIFRA and the Endangered Species Act: Finding a Balance between Agricultural Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability, and […]

Food Traceability: Current Status and Future Opportunities
Category: Issue Papers
September, 2023

Food traceability has been defined as “the ability to track and trace any food through […]

Ground and Aerial Robots for Agricultural Production: Opportunities and Challenges
Category: Issue Papers
November, 2020

This issue paper presents opportunities provided by ground and aerial robots for improved crop and animal production, and the challenges associated with their progress and adoption.

Food Biofortification—Reaping the Benefits of Science to Overcome Hidden Hunger
Category: Issue Papers
October, 2020

This new paper covers the wide range of inter-disciplinary topics encompassed by biofortification including the economic justification for biofortification, bioavailability and efficacy of biofortified crops, crop development, catalyzing the scale up of biofortification, and the potential of transgenic approaches in biofortification.

Impacto del Principio Precautorio en la Alimentación de las Generaciones Actuales y Futuras
Category: Issue Papers
September, 2020

Luego de un análisis basado en investigaciones y un proceso de revisión por pares, los autores de este artículo del CAST lo dejan claro: “El principio precautorio bien podría ser concepto más innovador, penetrante y significativo en la política ambiental del último cuarto de siglo. También puede ser el más temerario, arbitrario y mal aconsejado.” Los autores ejemplifican fallas que presenta el PP al intentar ofrecer un marco confiable y razonado para su aplicación en la gestión de riesgos.

Agriculture and the Microbiome
Category: Issue Papers
August, 2020

Modern agriculture is successful today because of advances in mechanization, breeding, nutrients (e.g., fertilization), and pest and disease management, all of which enhance crop productivity and provide greater food security. Expanding the use of crop microbiomes to improve plant production is the next agricultural revolution.

Impact of Recruitment and Retention of Food Animal Veterinarians on the U.S. Food Supply
Category: Issue Papers
April, 2020

Why is it so difficult to recruit and retain food animal veterinarians in the United States? And how might this impact the future food supply?

Interpreting Pesticide Residues in Food
Category: Issue Papers
October, 2019

There is a keen awareness among many consumers that pesticide chemicals frequently reach consumers in the form of food residues. This report concludes that there is no direct scientific or medical evidence indicating that typical exposure of consumers to pesticide residues poses any health risk.

Protecting Food Animal Gene Pools for Future Generations
Category: Issue Papers
September, 2019

The world’s population is expected to reach more than 9 billion by 2050, creating a grand societal challenge: ramping up agricultural productivity to feed the globe. Livestock and poultry products are keys to the world supply of protein, but genetic diversity of livestock is fading. This paper addresses several important challenges regarding the effective protection of remaining genetic diversity.

Reducing the Impacts of Agricultural Nutrients on Water Quality across a Changing Landscape
Category: Issue Papers
May, 2019

Although efficiency of our agricultural systems has increased, water quality remains a concern with minimal measured improvements observed nationwide. This paper provides an overview of the processes, conservation practices, and programs that influence the impact of agriculture on surface and groundwater quality.