Issue Papers

Diversifying U.S. Crop Production
Category: Issue Papers
February, 1996

For more than a century, crop price instability has dogged U.S. farmers. And in the past 60 years–despite federal subsidy and acreage reduction programs meant to stabilize farm income–farm numbers, farm populations, and rural prosperity have declined ominously.

Challenges Confronting Agricultural Research at Land Grant Universities
Category: Issue Papers
November, 1994

Agricultural, corporate, scientific, political, environmental, and social communities are asking the agricultural research system to identify and pursue a broadened range of research priorities.

Labeling of Food-Plant Biotechnology Products
Category: Issue Papers
July, 1994

Review of scientific evidence in response to proposed U.S. Food and Drug Administration policy for labeling of foods from new plant varieties.

Risks and Benefits of Selenium in Agriculture
Category: Issue Papers
June, 1994

Scientists found no evidence that supplemental selenium use for farm animals and poultry, including feedlot concentrations, was involved in any environmental problems.

Pesticides in Surface and Ground Water
Category: Issue Papers
April, 1994

Introduction; the issue; pesticide varieties, uses, and resulting pollution potential; relating concentrations in water resources to human and ecosystem risk; and risk mitigation.

Admissible Scientific Evidence in Court
Category: Issue Papers
July, 1993

Concurs with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and National Academy of Sciences (NAS) amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court related to guidelines for determining what scientific evidence is admissible in a court of law.