Associate Society Memberships

Associate Society Membership Information

CAST welcomes new society members. Associate Society membership includes nonprofit organizations such as

  • Autonomous U.S. societies and their branches that are not classified as scientific societies,
  • Autonomous national or regional U.S. scientific societies that choose to pay associate membership dues,
  • U.S. scientific societies that are branches of national societies dealing with the same subject matter,
  • Scientific organizations in countries other than the United States, and
  • Nonprofit organizations supporting science and scientific research.

Click here to see a list of current Associate Society Members.

Associate Society Benefits

Associate Society members of CAST experience the following benefits of membership:

  • Listing on CAST's website and in Annual Report
  • Friday Notes received by two representatives
  • Input about topics chosen for CAST publications and activities
  • Presence in public policy decision making--through publications, briefings, roundtables, and other events, CAST represents the science perspective
  • Free access to all CAST publications and informative communications by mail and e-mail, as well as through the CAST website
  • Scientific representation in the public policy arena on food, agricultural, and environmental issues
  • Opportunities to participate in or partner with CAST in events such as roundtables, workshops, or conferences
  • Networking and awareness of all sectors of science
  • Association with preeminent science source for food, agricultural, and environmental issues
  • Support the future of agriculture and its best interests

Associate Society Contribution Requirements

The dues structure for Associate Society membership is discretionary with the following minimums:

  • State Organizations           $350
  • Regional Organizations      $550
  • National Organizations       $750

Associate Society Membership Information

For more information regarding membership, please contact our membership department at 515-292-2125.