Subscriber Memberships

CAST’s Subscriber Membership provides libraries and other reference institutions excellent agricultural resources for their students, faculty, and staff through CAST’s respected publications.

Hard copies of all CAST publications, covering timely critical topics in agriculture, are mailed as they are issued, and online downloads are available at Publications are sent by U.S. mail to subscribers in North America, and by Air Mail to subscribers outside of North America.

Additionally, new Subscriber members will receive a
CAST Reference Collection.” This includes more than two dozen recent CAST publications relating to all fields of agriculture, in the form of CAST Task Force Reports, Special Publications, and Issue Papers (a $300 value).

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Subscriber Benefit Summary

  • Provide additional exceptional agricultural resources for library users

  • Strengthen and expand the library’s collection of credible science-based agricultural information, both in hard copy and online, on topics such as animal sciences, bioenergy and biofuels, crop and soil sciences, the environment, and food safety and security

  • Receive a “CAST Reference Collection” as a new member

Subscriber Contribution Requirements

Subscriptions for the calendar year     $200

Subscriber Application

For more information regarding membership, please contact our membership department at 515-292-2125.