Impact Reports

Impact Reports on Recently Released Publications: (last updated 3/2019)

Food Loss and Waste, a paper in the series on The Need for Agricultural Innovation to Sustainably Feed the World by 2050 (6-month report)

Impact of Free-Range Poultry Production Systems on Animal Health, Human Health, Productivity, Environment, Food Safety, and Animal Welfare Issues (1-year report)

Genome Editing in Agriculture: Methods, Applications, and Governance (1-year report)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Health Benefits and Dietary Recommendations (1-year report)

Scientific, Ethical, and Economic Aspects of Farm Animal Welfare (1-year report)

Regulatory Barriers to the Development of Innovative Agricultural Biotechnology by Small Businesses and Universities (1-year report)

Why Does Bee Health Matter? The Science Surrounding Honey Bee Health Concerns and What We Can Do About It (2-year report)

Crop Protection Contributions toward Agricultural Productivity (2-year report)

Plant Breeding and Genetics (2-year report)

The Impact of Asynchronous Approvals for Biotech Crops on Agricultural Sustainability, Trade, and Innovation (2-year report)

A Life-cycle Approach to Low-invasion Potential Bioenergy Production (2-year report)

Food Waste Across the Supply Chain: A U.S. Perspective on a Global Problem (2-year report)

Process Labeling of Food: Consumer Behavior, the Agricultural Sector, and Policy Recommendations (2-year report)

The Contributions of Pesticides to Pest Management in Meeting the Global Need for Food Production by 2050 (2-year report)

Archived Impact Reports (no longer updated beyond 2 years from release):

Benefits of Controlling Nuisance Aquatic Plants and Algae in the United States

The Potential Impacts of Mandatory Labeling for Genetically Engineered Food in the United States

Animal Feed vs. Human Food: Challenges and Opportunities in Sustaining Animal Agriculture Toward 2050

Impact of the Precautionary Principle on Feeding Current and Future Generations

Food, Fuel, and Plant Nutrient Use in the Future

Water and Land Issues Associated with Animal Agriculture: A U.S. Perspective

The Direct Relationship between Animal Health and Food Safety Outcomes

Assessing the Health of Streams in Agricultural Landscapes: The Impacts of Land Management Change on Water Quality

Herbicide-resistant Weeds Threaten Soil Conservation Gains: Finding a Balance for Soil and Farm Sustainability

Energy Issues Affecting Corn/Soybean Systems: Challenges for Sustainable Production

Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities

The Science and Regulation of Food from Genetically Engineered Animals

Air Issues Associated with Animal Agriculture: A North American Perspective

Investing in a Better Future through Public Agricultural Research

Convergence of Agriculture and Energy: IV. Infrastructure Considerations for Biomass Harvest, Transportation, and Storage

Ethical Implications of Animal Biotechnology: Considerations for Animal Welfare Decision Making

Agricultural Productivity Strategies for the Future: Addressing U.S. and Global Challenges

Water, People, and the Future: Water Availability for Agriculture in the United States

The Endangered Species Act: Interfacing with Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems

Animal Productivity and Genetic Diversity

Food Safety and Fresh Produce: An Update

Sustainability of U.S. Soybean Production

Scientific Assessment of the Welfare of Dry Sows Kept in Individual Accommodations

Ruminant Carcass Disposal Options for Routine and Catastrophic Mortality

Convergence of Agriculture and Energy: III. Considerations in Biodiesel Production

Poultry Carcass Disposal Options for Routine and Catastrophic Mortality

Implications of Gene Flow in the Scale-up and Commercial Use of Biotechnology-derived Crops: Economic and Policy Considerations

Biofuel Feedstocks: The Risk of Future Invasions

Avian Influenza Vaccines: Focusing on H5N1 High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza (HPAI)

Convergence of Agriculture and Energy: II. Producing Cellulosic Biomass for Biofuels

Probiotics: Their Potential to Impact Human Health

The Role of Transgenic Livestock in the Treatment of Human Disease

Convergence of Agriculture and Energy: I. Implications for Research and Policy

Biotechnological Approaches to Manure Nutrient Management

Safety of Meat, Milk, and Eggs from Animals Fed Crops Derived from Modern Biotechnology

Acrylamide in Food

Using Risk Analysis to Inform Microbial Food Safety Decisions

Avian Influenza: Trade Issues

Avian Influenza: Human Pandemic Concerns

Crop Biotechnology and the Future of Food: A Scientific Assessment

Adventitious Presence: Inadvertent Commingling and Coexistence among Farming Methods