Gene Flow in Alfalfa: Biology, Mitigation, and Potential Impact on Production


Task Force Chair

Allen Van Deynze

Task Force Author(s)

Sharie Fitzpatrick
Bob Hammon
Mark McCaslin
Daniel Putnam
Daniel Undersander

Task Force Reviewers

E. Charles Brummer
A. Endres
Allan Felsot
Heathcliffe Riday
Zeng-yu Wang

Task Force Board Liaison

John Havlin
Todd Peterson
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This Special Publication describes the biology and agronomic practices in alfalfa that should be considered in developing coexistence strategies to allow growers to have choices, specifically between genetically engineered (GE), conventional, and GE-sensitive markets in the United States. These strategies are based on science and are a direct extension of well-established coexistence principles routinely used by seed growers. The management practices currently being used by growers of Roundup Ready alfalfa seed are presented as an example of strategies developed by the alfalfa seed industry that allow coexistence of different production systems. Chair: Allen E. Van Deynze, Seed Biotechnology Center, University of California, Davis.SP28, September 2008, 30 pp. $18.00 (plus shipping). Quantity Discounts: Discounts are offered for purchases of 6+ copies of the same publication sent to a single address. Orders of 6 through 99 copies are discounted 25% from listed prices. Orders of 100 or more copies are discounted 35%.  Please contact the CAST office to place a discounted order.


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