Value of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
May 26, 2021

Written by Dr. Rim Lassoued. Originally published on the SAIFood Blog. To tackle pressures from […]

How Sarah Evanega uses science communication to combat myths and misperceptions
May 19, 2021

Written by Joan Conrow, managing editor of the Cornell Alliance for Science. Dr. Evanega was […]

Sarah Evanega Announced as 2021 Borlaug CAST Communication Award Winner
Homepage Feature
May 11, 2021

May 10, 2022 — Dr. Sarah Evanega presented “People and Planet: Finding our science communication […]

Guest Blog–Food Price Inflation
May 5, 2021

This was written by Dr. Jayson Lusk (2017 BCCA recipient) and has been reprinted with […]

Make Sustainable Agriculture Personal: Let’s Save Water Together
April 28, 2021

Written by Dr. Alexa Lamm, 2020 BCCA recipient and Associate Professor of Science Communication at […]

Earth Day, Agriculture, & Sustainability
April 22, 2021

Today is Earth Day, but as agriculturists and scientists, we believe every day is Earth […]

National Agriculture Week
March 25, 2021

March 20-26 this year is National Agriculture Week, but here in the office we believe […]

Recognize Women’s Foundational Role In Agriculture
March 9, 2021

By Madhura SwaminathanChairperson, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation & World Food Prize Foundation Council of Advisors […]

Black History Month—Ag Science Edition
February 25, 2021

During Black History Month, CAST has highlighted some of the great agricultural work done by […]

Opinion: Sustainable Agriculture in the U.S. vs. the EU
February 18, 2021

A Comparative Look at Different Approaches to Similar Objectives By Scott H. Hutchins, Ph.D., Former […]