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Effective Use of Water in Irrigated Agriculture
June, 1988

This report provides a comprehensive description of irrigation in the U.S. and basic principles of irrigation management, addressing many significant problems with the use of water in irrigated agriculture.

Ionizing Energy in Food Processing and Pest Control: I. Wholesomeness of Food Treated With Ionizing Energy
July, 1986

A number of years ago, CAST published two reports dealing with the irradiation of foods: Report 109, July 1986 and Report 115, June 1989. The Food Science and Agricultural Technology Work Group of the CAST Board of Directors believes that these documents contain a great deal of useful information that is not found easily elsewhere.

Agricultural Science and the Public
January, 1972

Dr. Borlaug was a lifelong promoter and advocate for the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), beginning at its founding in 1972. He was the featured speaker at the CAST–Industry Conference, held in January 1973, at which CAST was introduced to the agribusiness community.