CAST Now Offers Editing Services

March 28, 2014

Grammar and style issues are always important, but they become crucial when executives are writing company documents or experts are composing scientific research papers. Typos and diction errors are one thing; syntax and proper citation are another. No matter how accomplished a writer might be, proofreading is a challenge, and proper formatting is a key to successful publications.
The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology would like to help you with your publications, websites, books, newsletters, and other printed forms of communication. Grammatical errors, confusing punctuation, and choppy syntax give your readers the wrong impressions--and in some cases, they can be "deal breakers." Any document you release must look its best in order to promote your organization and attest to its credibility. CAST editors will add that layer of polish that your piece deserves.
The editing staff at CAST has many years of experience, and they can put that expertise to work for you. Services include basic copyediting, website copyediting, proofreading, layout, indexing, and more.
Contact: Carol Gostele, Managing Scientific Editor, * 515-292-2125 ext. 226

Following are the services offered by CAST and the rates for those services:

Editing, basic copyediting $40/hr
Editing, substantive copyediting $50/hr
Editing, website copyediting $50/hr
Indexing $60/hr
Layout $70/hr
Proofreading $40/hr

• Projects may be managed electronically or through the USPS as hard copy.
• A rush rate of an additional $10/hr will apply in turnarounds of less than two business days.
• Charges will accrue at half-hour increments

photo courtesy of B Calkins/Shutterstock