CD3 Animal Agriculture

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Publications Included:
R136 Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies in the United States (October 2000, 36 pp.)
IP16 Estrogenicity and Endocrine Disruption (July 2000, 16 pp.)
R135 Animal Agriculture and Global Food Supply (July 1999, 92 pp.)
R131 Contribution of Animal Products to Healthful Diets (October 1997, 56 pp.)
R130 Well-Being of Agricultural Animals (September 1997, 34 pp.)
R129 Grazing on Public Lands (December 1996, 70 pp.)
R128 Integrated Animal Waste Management (November 1996, 87 pp.)
R124 Waste Management and Utilization in Food Production and Processing (October 1995, 125 pp.)


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