Process Labeling of Food: Consumer Behavior, the Agricultural Sector, and Policy Recommendations


Task Force Chair

Kent Messer

Task Force Author(s)

Shawna Bligh
Marco Costanigro
Harry Kaiser

Task Force Reviewers

John Crespi
Jill McCluskey
Bailey Norwood
Thomas Redick

Task Force Board Liaison

Mark Armfelt
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We live in a world of labels, and even though information is crucial, some labeling leads to confusion, negative views, and misunderstanding. In the supermarket, consumers might misinterpret “facts” or develop disparaging images. The authors of this paper look at the impact labeling has on the food industry—the choices consumers make, the way labeling affects the adoption of technology, and the influence labeling might have on the amount of money spent for research and product development. Legislators, regulatory officials, and consumers will benefit from the thoughtful, science-based information in this Issue Paper. Chair: Kent D. Messer, Department of Applied Economics and Statistics, University of Delaware, Newark. IP56, October 2015, 16 pp. FREE. Available online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).


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