Regulatory Barriers to the Development of Innovative Agricultural Biotechnology by Small Businesses and Universities


Task Force Chair

Alan McHughen

Task Force Author(s)

Kent Bradford
Neal Carter
Dennis Eriksson
Elizabeth Grabau
Elizabeth Hood
Wayne Parrott
Jeff D. Wolt

Task Force Reviewers

Tom Elmo Clemente
Drew Kershen
Stuart Smyth

Task Force Board Liaison

Daniel Schachtman
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This report examines the current U.S. regulatory system for GE crops, compares it with those of major trading partners, and considers the effects it has on agricultural biotechnology. The authors of this CAST Issue Paper show that despite foundational contributions requiring considerable public resource commitments for GE crop innovation and development, academic institutions and small private entities have been almost entirely excluded from the agricultural biotechnology market. The regulatory system needs to be adjusted, or "public, academic, and small business entities will continue to be frustrated in using these safe tools to deliver useful products." Chair: Alan McHughen (Chair), University of California, Riverside. IP59, March 2018, 20 pp. FREE. Available online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).
(key words: biotech innovation, genetic engineering, GM crops, GMO)


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